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What is a Rescue Medium?

"What exactly is a Rescue Medium?" It's a question I encounter frequently. Interestingly, many already possess a vague notion of what rescue mediumship entails, largely influenced by depictions in various media forms, such as television shows and movies. What they may not realize is that there exists a professional framework and terminology distinguishing rescue mediumship from psychic mediumship. Rescue mediums specialize in communicating with earthbound spirits, offering counsel, and facilitating their transition to the spiritual realm.

The domain of rescue mediumship is experiencing a surge, propelled by the evolving landscape of spiritual practice and our deepening comprehension of our connection to the spirit world. As our world undergoes transformation, so does our collective consciousness, rendering us more attuned to the spiritual realm. It's dawning upon us that earthbound spirits—essentially individuals who have not fully transitioned to the afterlife—are pervasive, seeking resolution and yearning for guidance towards the light. Like any of us, they are souls in need of assistance. Consequently, the role of Rescue Mediums has assumed heightened significance, given our realization that a segment of these earthbound spirits necessitate aid from those inhabiting the physical realm for their transition. While not all earthbound spirits require the intervention of rescue mediums, acknowledging and supporting those who do is paramount.

So, how exactly do rescue mediums assist earthbound spirits? Can we simply direct them towards the light? The efficacy of such guidance hinges upon the underlying reasons for a spirit's earthbound state. Constructive engagement with earthbound spirits necessitates an understanding of their level of awareness and emotional attachment.

Rescue mediumship comprises four principal components when interacting with earthbound spirits: communication, counseling, clearing, and guidance. Communication forms the foundation, facilitated through the medium's psychic abilities encompassing Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Clairalience, and Clairgustance. Each medium possesses distinct strengths and weaknesses in these faculties, honed through training to establish a robust connection with spirits. Communication unveils vital details about the circumstances surrounding a spirit's death and the driving forces behind their decision to remain earthbound.

As communication unfolds, insights into the spirit's earthly life—relationships, occupations, passions, and struggles—emerge, aiding in formulating tailored approaches for assistance. Moreover, recognizing cultural and religious nuances facilitates effective communication with diverse spirits.

Counseling forms the subsequent phase, aiming to address emotional traumas, attachments, or perceptual barriers hindering the spirit's transition. Varied counseling techniques are deployed based on the spirit's emotional state, ranging from gentle encouragement to extensive emotional support, particularly for those grappling with traumatic demises.

Clearing becomes imperative when a spirit lingers in populated areas or exhibits disruptive behavior. Clearing techniques are employed to either relocate the spirit away from inhabited spaces or alleviate their negative influence on the living.

Furthermore, rescue mediums act as clearers to detach spirits from individuals, known as spirit attachments, employing diverse clearing methodologies.

Guidance culminates the process, assisting the spirit in transitioning to the afterlife. This involves raising their vibration through counseling and facilitating their awareness of the light. Spiritual guides and loved ones are often enlisted to aid the spirit's passage, ensuring a seamless transition to the other side.

In essence, rescue mediumship epitomizes a holistic approach to aiding earthbound spirits, amalgamating communication, counseling, clearing, and guidance to facilitate their journey towards spiritual enlightenment.

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