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You are Energy!

By Amy Major

Everything in this universe has a vibrational frequency that omits energy. Objects like trees, rocks, crystals, wood, water, or things like people, animals, and spirits all have a vibrational frequency that is determined by the state of its awareness, thoughts, emotions and interactions with other people, places, or things.

Energy is the flow or movement of consciousness. You have a consciousness that is unique to just you. Your mind creates thoughts, your soul creates emotion, and your body creates stimulation. All of them create a pulse or flow from the consciousness that creates energy. Everything you do, everything you think, everything you believe, and everything you are, is a state of movement of energy. Energy cannot exist without movement or flow.

In new age theories, your energy has a frequency that is equal to either a light or dense vibration. A light vibration is one that equals a fast and higher vibration than a lower, heavier vibration of the dense energy. It’s not the easiest subject to explain, especially since we can get down to the nitty gritty of how energy is created and dispersed throughout the universe. I prefer to stick to simple explanations as much as possible that relate to the energy of our bodies, mind, and soul.

Think of your body as tiny atoms, moving around constantly, creating a pulse or agitation. The faster the atoms move around, the stronger the flow of energy gets created. As we learn to set intentions to move the flow faster and faster, we can shift our energy to a higher, lighter state of vibration. This higher vibration can change our consciousness by moving us in and out of layers or levels of awareness. Each level of awareness holds its own truths and knowledge. If you move your vibration down to a lower, denser frequency, your level of awareness changes and vice versa. This is how we move in and out of states of consciousness.

But your energy holds a unique frequency to just you and you usually stay within the same range of frequency most of your life depending on life circumstances. This is called your constant frequency. It can fluctuate by either going higher or lower when provoked by either you or your environment, but it will always come back to its natural rhythm and flow of its constant frequency.

Learning how to change your frequency by thought intention and stimulation is one of the most important lessons of our life. We always believe that we have more control of ourselves than we think, but it’s in tough situations that we lose our sense of energetic control the most. This is why we have help such as tools, motivational material, counselors, friends, positive group activities, and such to help raise our frequency so that we can feel better. I personally believe that life’s greatest achievement is to find peace and contentment with our own energy. This means that you can master your own energy with intention. Situations of a negative nature would no longer affect you. You would rise above low energy and see things at a neutral or higher level, rather than becoming affected by negative stimulation.

Becoming a master of your own energy can take time, which is why we have lessons, exercises, and experiences to help us change, enhance, manipulate, transmute, disperse, our energy. In the future as our soul’s evolve even more, we will be using our energy to heal our own bodies, create a more positive environment, speak to each other through thought, send love and positive energy to each other, blend our minds, and create a stronger collective consciousness. I know this sounds all crazy, but we’re actually pretty close to most of this already. The only reason we haven’t developed this all the time is due to our dense energy and negative thinking. Dense energy keeps us in a lower state of consciousness, which keeps us at a 3rd dimensional reality. In the 3rd dimension, we are more focused on the physical rather than the higher 4th dimension of the soul.

Energy, unlike a physical object, never ceases to exist. It's everlasting. Through 3rd dimensional understanding of time, space and matter; energy changes or becomes something more, less, or different. As consciousness evolves, energy changes. One of the biggest missions in this book is to train you to control, protect, enhance, and heal your own energy.

To feel the difference between light and heavy energy, I would like you to practice the below exercise. It can be used to help raise or lower your energy in the future if needed. Please note, these are just quick exercises. Longer, more in-depth exercises will be later in this book.


I want you to begin by thinking of one thing, person, or situation, that when you think of it, creates a tremendous amount of joy in your heart. A child, a pet, a vacation, a first kiss, etc. Think about it…...

Feel the joy sitting right in the middle of your heart. Now expand that joy into the full cavity of your chest. Spread it out so that your whole chest feels it. It feels good…right? Now let’s allow the rest of your body to feel this joy. Expand the feeling of joy throughout the rest of your body.

Now, give this feeling of joy a color. Anything that comes to mind.

Now, imagine this joyful color expanding out around your body like a cocoon of energy.

Congratulations…you just changed the frequency of your body and your inner auric field.


Yes, you’re going to need to learn how to lower your energy. There will be times when you go so high, that you lose grasp with physical reality and have a hard time concentrating. Because we live in the third dimension, our bodies need to be rooted in the third dimension to stabilize our energy and become grounded.

First, I want you to imagine your energy as a color all around your body. What color do you feel like? Are there multiple colors? I would hope so since we are multifaceted beings of multiple thoughts and emotions. So, imagine this color or colors condensing back into your body. If it’s clear, no worries. The thought and intent of just bringing in your energy will be enough.

Bring all your energy back into your body like one big vacuum, sucking everything back in. Ask your energy to release all that does not serve you or is part of you and to condense your own energy back into the body like a turtle going back into its shell.

Imagine all this energy back inside your body. You’re going to visualize a teether now. Imagine your color sprouting a root or teether down into the earth, anchoring you into the earth’s frequency. Once connected to the earth, your energy will start to shift to a denser frequency. The earth is a strong, dense, and heavy energy.

Remember, dense doesn’t = negative. Dense is heavy. Negative energy carries a lower energy, but it also carries an intention of negativity such as sadness, anger, jealousy, and hate. Something can have a dense energy, but an intention of positive energy like creation, passion, power, and determination. You’ll learn discernment the more you connect to different energies and intentions.

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