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What is Spirit Rescue?

Updated: Mar 13

By Amy Major

In recent years, Spirit Rescue has garnered increasing attention within the realm of mediumship. However, it's a discipline that has often been marginalized, dismissed, or even stigmatized. This marginalization can be attributed to various factors, chief among them being fear and misconceptions surrounding the nature of working with earthbound energies. Many have cautioned against delving into rescue work, warning of its potential to attract negative energies and lead to detrimental outcomes. However, as someone who has devoted the past 24 years to serving as a Rescue Medium, I can attest that this perception is far from accurate. While working with denser energies does pose unique challenges, it does not inherently equate to negativity.

As a Rescue Medium, I've had to confront and set aside my preconceived beliefs instilled since childhood, which often painted ghosts as malevolent, ominous entities. Countless stories, films, and literature have perpetuated this notion, casting spirits in a negative light. However, my experience has shown me otherwise. While there may be exceptions, the majority of earthbound spirits—whom I prefer to refer to as "Earthbound spirits"—are simply individuals like you and me, seeking guidance to navigate their transition. This is where the role of Rescue Mediums becomes pivotal. We engage in communication, counseling, and guidance to facilitate their journey towards the spiritual realm.

One of the most commonly asked questions pertains to why a spirit chooses to remain earthbound. The answer, however, is anything but simple. The reasons vary widely and are as diverse as the individuals themselves. Upon passing, souls are typically greeted by a host of spiritual entities—family, friends, guides, and angels—who aid in their transition to the afterlife. However, the process of transitioning is not as straightforward as crossing a threshold. It involves a complex journey from the earthly plane to a higher realm of consciousness often referred to as heaven. While most souls make this transition seamlessly, some linger for various reasons.

Fear, anxiety, grief, trauma, anger, emotional pain, attachment to earthly possessions, or simply an unwillingness to depart can anchor a soul to the earthly realm. These emotions obscure their connection with guides and loved ones, impeding their transition. Some may not even realize they have passed, appearing lost or confused in the spirit world. Yet, even in their confusion, they are never truly alone, as their guides and angels remain steadfast, awaiting their awakening. When these souls become aware of their circumstances or establish communication with a living medium capable of hearing them, they often find the courage to cross over. However, some may resist, clinging to their earthly existence due to unresolved emotions or attachments.

In addition to working with earthbound energies, Rescue Mediums also address spirit attachments and residual energy. Spirits may seek solace in individuals who evoke memories of loved ones, forming attachments for emotional support. While most attachments stem from a desire for comfort, some harbor negative intentions, seeking to cause harm or instill fear. Rescue Mediums facilitate the removal of these attachments, guiding spirits towards resolution or clearing them from the location.

Rescue Mediums, often referred to as clearers, also address cases where individuals perceive their surroundings as haunted, primarily due to residual energy. Residual energy, or imprints, are energetic remnants left behind by past events or individuals. While not spirits themselves, these imprints can evoke strong emotional responses and mimic haunting phenomena. By distinguishing between residual energy and actual spirit presence, Rescue Mediums help alleviate fears and restore harmony.

Contrary to popular belief, Spirit Rescue does not entail communication with non-human negative entities or entities. Instead, it focuses on aiding human earthbound energy in transitioning to the afterlife. Non-human entities necessitate removal by specialists experienced in dealing with negative energies. Moreover, Rescue Mediums refrain from adopting the investigative approaches of paranormal groups, opting instead for direct resolution through removal and clearing.

Spirit Rescue serves not only to aid souls in their transition but also to offer solace and guidance to the living. Each encounter serves as an opportunity for learning and growth, imparting valuable lessons that resonate beyond the spiritual realm. By dispelling misconceptions and fostering understanding, we strive to alleviate fear and promote acceptance of spirits among the broader community.

Ultimately, Spirit Rescue is about facilitating closure and enlightenment for both the living and the departed. As we navigate the complexities of the spiritual realm, we draw upon our experiences to enrich our lives and those of others, fostering a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of our existence. May our endeavors pave the way for a future where fear gives way to understanding, and where each soul finds its path to peace and fulfillment.

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