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House Clearing & Blessings

Home clearing is a form of energy work that removes negative or dense residual energy clusters and imprints from places like businesses, homes, schools, daycare centers, old mills, shopping centers, restaurants, etc. Heavy or dense energy can make you feel drained, scared or might even affect you psychologically over time. We are spiritual energy beings in a physical body, so we absorb energy around us. This can weigh you down as you take in the heavy, negative energy cluster or imprints. 

Indications of heavy or dense energy clusters or imprints in your home or space:

*Feeling a thick cloud of energy in a room

*Feeling like walking through mud or dense energy

*Feelings of being drained or pulled down into an energy field in your home/space.

*Sensing negative emotions in a space like fear, anxiety, anger or despair.

*Sensing the building has a negative history.

*Seeing dark energy or shadows in your space

Ghost Removal or Spirit Rescue

involves addressing the presence of spirits in a space perceived to be haunted, with the aim of restoring harmony and balance. While many hauntings are not inherently negative, they may involve spirits seeking resolution or passing through. Amy Major, a trained rescue medium, specializes in facilitating these spirits' transition into the light.


In cases where spirits are unwilling to cross over, they may either remain in the space with the consent of the owners or be forcibly removed if their presence is unwanted. Forceful removal typically occurs when spirits are causing distress or creating a negative atmosphere for the residents.


Amy endeavors to maintain a calm energy within the space, promoting healing not only for the residents but also for the spirits involved. Her expertise lies in creating a peaceful environment conducive to resolution and closure for all parties involved.


*All house clearings are remote unless you live in the New England region of the United States. Remote investigations at a distance, please email Amy at with a picture of your home, business or space so that Amy can link into the energy. Remote clearing is $250 flat rate.

Remote clearings can be done for any place in the World. Amy can link into the area through a picture. Thank you! 

Realtor Service
Space Clearing for MLS Homes
Amy provides a special service for realtors that need homes
or spaces cleared of residual energy.
This is a special service provided to realtors only.
Services the Amy provides is:

* Residual Energy Clearing
* Energy Transmutations & Stimulation
* Charging the space with intention
* History and Negative energy clearing.

Please email Amy for a realtor clearing at
Specialty rates apply
Please reach out if you have any questions. 



House Clearing & Blessing
2 hr

AMY MAJOR - Psychic Medium
"The Rescue Medium"

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