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Join Amy Major as she interviews experts in the field of Spirit Rescue. Learn from the best, listen to the stories, and expand your awareness of spirit rescue.


Join me as I interview Joseph Dumas, a medium and shaman as he describes his first encounter with an earthbound spirit.

Joseph can be reached at


Join me as I interview Michelle Pellin, a ghost worker, licensed counselor, witch, psychic, and reiki master as she talks about some of her ghost adventures. 

Michelle can be reached at:


Join me as I interview Rev Brenda Knight, a Rescue Medium, Energy Attachment Specialist, and Healer as she talks about a few of her experiences with entities and ghosts.


Join me as i interview April Sheering, Medium, Healer, Teacher as she discusses many ways to advance your spiritual development. 


Join me as I interview SeAira Sage as she discusses her development into rescue work. 

AMY MAJOR - Psychic Medium
"The Rescue Medium"

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