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The Many Forms of Mediumship

Updated: Mar 13

The Many Forms of Mediumship By Amy Major

The Many Forms of Mediumship In recent years, there has been more information coming out about the many new forms of mediumship. The singular depiction of message work as a medium is starting to deviate and expand through various other forms of mediumship that people are still very unaccustomed to. In the past, if you were to say that you were a medium, people would automatically assume that you connect to loved ones in the spirit world and talk to them. This is true, but it’s not the only truth. The whole truth is that mediumship is an expansion of our psychic abilities into the spiritual world, or better yet, the fourth dimension and higher. Mediumship is communication with higher dimensions through sounds, senses, visions, feelings, and knowing. Through these forms of communication, mediums can receive information from these higher dimensions back down to the third dimension. To learn more about my services using these gifts, click below. Be sure to keep reading for more information. Ascend With Amy Each level in the higher dimensions has different information, different beings of light, and different reasons to connect to mediums for communication. In the present time, more and more mediums are emerging from society, but not as messengers to your ancestors and friends. Rather, they are messengers from higher realms, spirit guides, ascended masters, multi-dimensional entities, and angels. As our world evolves and ascends, the need for this expanded form of mediumship is required as we are in desperate need of higher guidance. Mediums with a higher frequency can communicate with these higher dimensional beings and therefore spend most of their time communicating with spirits for educational and spiritual enlightenment purposes. All mediums are unique to their own special ability, frequency, and intention as to why they are a medium. To learn more about why I became a medium, and to book a session with me, click below. Be sure to keep reading to learn more as well! Spiritual Variety Not all mediums are the same. Our abilities can be viewed as similar to an artist’s. Not all artists paint pictures. Some draw, some create sculptures, some make stained-glass art, some take pictures of nature, and so on. Artists are people who illuminate beauty through forms of artistic work. So, the same can be said for a medium. Mediumship is the expansion of psychic ability to connect to higher dimensions to communicate for various reasons and intentions. How they communicate and whom they communicate with can differ greatly. Communication can come through various forms as well. Not all mediums “see,” spirits. Some feel, sense, or know spirit energy is around and can receive information through their senses on what the spirit or entity wants to say. Some mediums can’t even talk to the higher dimension, rather they receive information through a channeled connection. This means that the higher dimension uses the medium as a receiver and transmits information through the medium. The higher entity is talking through the medium, not to the medium. Channeling also comes in various forms such as conscious channeling, trance channeling, inspirational channeling, and so on. The channel can even bring forth the energy of the entity such as light, sound, and visual illuminations of the spirit world. Physical mediumship is a form of channeling spirit energy, allowing them to physically come through the medium via sound, visual, or smell. The medium is a conduit used for communication. To learn more about channeling and my rates for channeling services, click the link below. But there’s more to read below as well! Rescue Mediumship; My Passion & Purpose Some mediums use their gifts of spirit communication to help, heal, and guide. Not all spirits bring messages of happiness and love. Some spirits bring messages of regret, anger, and fear. Mediums sometimes serve as helpers for these spirits. Rescue mediumship is a form of mediumship that specializes in counseling these spirits and helping them move into the light. Not all spirits will listen to guides and angels standing by. Sometimes these spirits need a more direct connection to the dimension that they are focused on. Mediums can be that resource for them. Rescue mediumship has even expanded in recent years to include energy clearers, protectors, and warriors to help protect people from these lower-level spirits. The main purpose of their work is to remove unwanted spirits and fight lower-level entities that are influencing the third dimension. To learn more about my experience with rescue mediumship, click below. What Are Star Seeds? This brings us to the star seed communicators. These very high-level frequency mediums can connect to alien races in different star systems so that we can receive guidance, healing, and enlightened information for our evolution. Star seeds come to our world every few hundred years to help ascend our human consciousness. They are volunteers of other alien races that come into human form with a heightened sense of psychic and mediumship abilities. These mediums have no intention of communicating with ancestors, rather their main purpose is to transmit, download, and receive information from the higher dimensional reality of the star system they align to. So, looking for a message from Uncle Joe from a star seed medium probably isn’t going to happen.

The Future Of Mediumship Over the next few years, more and more forms of mediumship will emerge, enlightening us with new information, inspiration, and messages from other realms. Mediums will come up with new titles and new forms of communication. As human consciousness grows and expands, more and more people will be born with the ability of mediumship. That means that now’s the time for our human minds to step out of the created illusion or box we put mediums in. Now is the time to start asking more questions, looking deeper into the unknown, and possibly, looking past the fourth dimension. So, the next time you come across someone who says they’re a medium, maybe your question shouldn’t be, “Can you connect to my mom?”. Perhaps…the next question should be, “What kind of medium are you?”. Don’t assume the medium is a message medium of ancestors and friends in the spirit world. Assume nothing, and be pleasantly surprised. To learn more about my mediumship practices and services, click below.

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