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I'm Amy Major, a seasoned mentor with 15 years of experience in psychic, spiritual, and metaphysical fields. My approach involves connecting with your spirit guides to tailor a learning experience that suits your unique style and needs. Whether you're a beginner or seeking to deepen your understanding, I provide personalized guidance, feedback, and exercises through individual sessions or longer programs.

The mentoring I offer:

Development your own unique style of intuition which paves the way to your future work. 
Techniques to help you improve your connection to spirit, the light, and your own soul. 
Healing Therapy
Energy protection and enhancement
Learn how to use tools from nature to safeguard, clear, and enhance your energy.
Connect you to your guides, healers, and protectors in the spirit world.

3-Month mentorship program

Students must commit to 2 sessions of training per month for 3 months. Amy will guide and train each student individually for a 3-month process of development. Students that sign up for this program have first priority email response with 24 hours plus access to videos and training material not available to the public. Pricing plan for the program can be found here: Pricing Plan

The Spirit Rescue Center of Psychic Studies


Welcome to the Spirit Rescue Center of Psychic Studies! I am Amy Major, also known as The Rescue Medium, and my mission is to provide healing and hope for those seeking spiritual guidance. Through my new online school, we offer training in psychic abilities, mediumship, and spirit rescue development.

AMY MAJOR - Psychic Medium
"The Rescue Medium"

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