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Hi, I'm Amy Major, a personal teacher, mentor, and spiritual advisor. I've been mentoring students for 15 years in the psychic, spiritual, and metaphysical fields. I structure a learning experience by connecting to your guides, helping you understand the fundamentals of each field, adjust your learning curve so that you excel faster, and support you every step of the way on your journey of self-mastery. My initiative is to help those who are either just starting out, or those who need more depth to their understanding of the work to grown and excel in their fields. Just like many, I had very limited training in my development due to lack of structured classes and development circles that catered to my individual style of psychic and mediumship skills. I gained my own self-mastery through the instruction and support from my spirit guides. I feel it's necessary to connect with guides in order to understand our specialized needs that fit our individual styles of work. This is why I incorporate your spirit guides into our mentorship session, so that we receive their guidance and leadership in your development. 

I offer one on one mentorship through individual sessions or through a longer program. The longer program allows you to receive guidance, feedback, homework assignments, and specialized exercises. 

Please reach out if you have any questions. I'm always here to help. 

3-Month mentorship program is available for a discounted rate. Students must commit to 2 sessions of training per month for 3 months. Amy will guide and train each student individually for a 3-month process of development. Students that sign up for this program have first priority email response with 24 hours plus access to videos and training material not available to the public. Pricing plan for the program can be found here: Pricing Plan

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