Come and enjoy a 30 minute energy clearing and healing as Amy clears all chakras , allowing or negative or lower vibration energy to be removed.
30 Min Chakra Clearing & Healing
30 min
Experience a soothing 1 hour chakra energy clearing and healing as Amy clears lower vibration energy from your energy sources (chakras). Amy incorporates aromatherapy, mu...
1 hour Chakra Healing & Clearing
1 hr

18 Chakra Activation

In this new chakra clearing and activation healing, Amy will open up 18 of your chakras. This includes the 11 Major chakras and 7 minor supportive chakras within your body and just outside your body. By opening and activating your 18 chakra system, you become more aware and sensitive of your energetic environment both physical and non-physical as well as your own body. Aligning and  activating your expanded chakra system allows you to open up more spiritual, psychic and healing doors than every before!

As we move into a higher vibration with our consciousness ascension, we need to adjust our own frequencies to align to this new energy. By adjusting our own frequency, we can help raise the frequency of the planet. Now more than ever before we are ready for this new energy. If you feel like something is missing from your spiritual journey and feel like you need a gentle nudge into a higher consciousness and awareness, than this is perfect for you. 
This healing takes roughly 1.5 hours to complete which allows 15 minutes of coaching and explanation before the session and 15 minutes energy stabilization and coaching after. The energy activation takes about 1 hour. 
In this session you will be comfortable on my massage table listening to relaxation music as I work on your energetic chakra system. Smuding and singing bowls are used to help stimulate your aura to prepare for the activation. 
This is hands on healing and waiver forms must be signed before the session. 

In this new chakra clearing and activation healing, Amy will open up 18 of your chakras. This includes the 11 Major chakras and 7 minor supportive chakras within your bod...
18 Chakra System Activation
1 hr 30 min

Energy Healing & Chakra Clearing

Even though there are 100s of Chakras there are seven main ones that are typically dealt with when it comes to healing. The Chakras begin at the bottom area of your spinal cord at the point of the coccyx bone and then travel along up the spinal cord to the very top part of your head.

These are the Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra.

The goal behind all spiritual practices is to reach a place of balance between spirit, body, earth and health, universality and grounding.

The Chakra system is sensitive to emotional, physical and spiritual addictions, traumas, loss, physical illness, energy attachments, emotional abuse, and so much more. By clearing emotional, physical and energetic imprints and energy clusters, you can improve your overall well being. 

Benefits of chakra cleansing are numerous:


  • Increases intuitive ability

  • Decrease depression

  • Increase a sense of lightness and harmony

  • Eliminate headaches or any physical manifestation of energy stagnation

  • Strengthen your aura

Healing and Clearing sessions consist of energy stimulation of very high vibration energy charged with color, sound and frequency. This allows negative or low vibrational energy to be pushed out of the chakras and body allowing the mind, body and spirit to be healed. 

Amy has the amazing ability to see energy outside and inside the aura, body and soul of a person. She can scan you and see what area of the body is in need of energy healing. She an also scan your Chakras (energy centers) in your body to see where problems may be found regarding emotional, mental, karmic or physical. Once these negative or dense energy clusters are found, Amy works to clear out this energy from your body through energetic chakra cleansing techniques. Signing bowls or smudging maybe used if the area is in need of energetic cleansing.

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