Energy Healing & Chakra Clearing



​The human experience exists to help souls experience life in the third dimensional platform to expand their wisdom and understanding of themselves as a soul. In this process, the soul can forget their true form of unity with divine love and light. The human experience, though a wonderful teacher of the soul, can be difficult to manage due to emotional, mental, and physical distresses of this experience. When the soul longs to learn more about who they truly are outside the human experience, they search out spiritual guidance and healing. To understand who they are, the soul will manage the human experience easier as to not allow the effects of the alter ego or shadow self to overwhelm them. As the soul begins to remember who they are, they can start breaking down old patterns of self-destructive behavior and relationships.


In the healing process of soul self-discovery, the effects of emotional, mental and physical of the third dimension can disrupt the experience. Emotional, mental and physical disturbances can cocoon the soul in an energy of lower frequency. This energy can distract the soul from its true form and even hinder it from further healing and growth. These lower frequency disturbances can come from life experiences, relationships or connections we’ve made. This cocoon of lower frequency can also penetrate into the soul’s energetic bodies and chakra centers, leaving the soul wounded.


Energy bodies in the soul consist of the physical, mental, emotional, karmic and spiritual energies. Think of these bodies as layers of energy within the soul or the structure in which the soul is created. Just like there are layers in a cake, there are layers in a soul. Each layer or body consists of an aspect of the soul used in the human experience. All that we do in our lives effect each of these energy bodies in our soul. Higher frequency such as love, kindness and joy keep your energy bodies healthy and strong, while lower frequencies such as hate, anger, sadness and loss can weaken them. A weakened energetic body effects the mind, body and spirit of the person, leaving them in a false identity of negativity.


The chakra system is a system of energetic ‘wheels’ or energy centers that move energy around your body. These chakra centers are a mainframe of your energetic body, like gears in a machine. Each chakra holds stored data about you as soul, mind and body. There are 7 main chakras that store most of your information such as your physical security, emotional feelings of your family, your ambitions/will, romantic love, expression of self, intuition and spiritual connection. Each chakra consists of information about you. It’s like a blueprint to your identity. When a chakra is weakened or heavy, it can influence what you do, how you feel and who you want to be. When at a low frequency, it can disrupt the rest of the chakra system, creating a domino effect of mental, emotional and physical imbalance.

The chakras store all the energy accumulated throughout your life. All experiences create and energy ‘imprint’ in your chakra system. When you experience several darker or more negative experiences, the imprints can become heavy and influence or weaken the chakra. An energy clearing of each chakra can remove all energy that no longer needs to be stored in the energy centers. All negative emotions or mental thoughts that no longer serve you on your journey must be cleared so to allow for a more harmonious flow. ​ 


Healing and Clearing sessions consist of energy stimulation of extremely high vibration energy charged with color, sound and frequency. This allows negative or low vibrational energy to be pushed out of the chakras and energetic bodies. This can be completed either in person or remotely. Energy flows in the direction of intention. In this energy clearing and healing, Amy will:


Clear, balance and raise the frequency all 7 main chakras


Crown chakra- located just above your head. This chakra relates to all spiritual matters. It is the connection to your soul, life purpose and your spiritual team on the other side.

Third eye chakra-located in the middle of your forehead, this chakra connects to all universal energy. It is your psychic energy and vision.

Throat chakra-located in the throat, it is focused on your expression, voice, freedom of choice, and communication of self.

Heart chakra-located in the middle of the chest, this chakra revolves around your inner love, outer love to others and love of the world. Conditional and unconditional love both are centered in your heart chakra.

Solar plexus chakra-located in the middle of your stomach, this chakra connects to your freewill, determination, drive and focus. It is the chakra that controls intention.

Sacral chakra-located in your pelvic region, this chakra is about emotions, expression, creativity, sexuality and self-esteem.

Root chakra-located at the base of your tailbone, this chakra is your primal instincts, security, safety and grounding in the world.

She will also clear, balance and raise the frequency of all 4 energetic bodies








She will lastly clear and shield the Aura. Keeping your aura strong will be your first form of energy self-defense. The aura is an extension of your charka system. What we see in the aura is a reflection of how you are doing on the inside of your energetic body. When the aura becomes weakened, it can allow lower frequencies to penetrate deeper into your body.

If the session is done remotely, Amy provides a detailed report that she emails to you once she is finished with your cleared and healing. This report will outline how she cleared your energy, what she saw in your chakras, and energetic bodies. The report will also provide your animal totem and spirit guide message. Reports will be sent within 24 hours after the clearing takes place.

Healings are remote or in person. In person sessions are only on TUESDAYS in my Concord, NH office. Please list in the booking if it is by phone or Zoom if remote. Thank you!