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Mentorship is ideal for students looking to strengthen their abilities



Receive a psychic and spirit channeled reading with Amy. 

Readings with Amy Major

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Healing and Clearing sessions consist of energy stimulation of extremely high vibration energy charged with color, sound and frequency. This allows negative or low vibrational energy to be pushed out of the chakras and energetic bodies.

Energy Healing & Chakra Clearing


Spirit /Entity Attachment removal is a safe practice of energetically removing earthbound spirits or entities from the aura and physical body of the host.

Spirit/Entity Attachment Removal


Rev. Amy Major, B. MSc. is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister through the International Metaphysical Ministry. As a minister, Amy provides spiritual counseling services to those who are in need of mental, emotional, and grief healing. 

Spiritual Counselling


Home clearing is a form of energy work that removes negative or dense residual energy clusters and imprints from places like businesses, homes, schools, daycare centers ect. 

Spirit Rescue and Home Clearing


These listed mediations can help you connect to 7 main chakras to clear, balance, and reprogram them.

Chakra Clearing and Healing Meditations

On a Video Call

Amy provides consultations for clients to discuss their symptoms, situation, and needs. From there, Amy will make a recommendation of what kind of session will be most beneficial for you.


AMY MAJOR - Psychic Medium
"The Rescue Medium"

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