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Attachment Removal & Energy Clearing

Spirit/entity attachment removal is a process aimed at safely and effectively removing earthbound spirits or entities from an individual's aura and physical body. Amy, the practitioner, employs various tools and techniques to facilitate this process while ensuring the safety and well-being of the individual. 

Spirit/entity attachment removal is a process aimed at safely and effectively removing earthbound spirits or entities from an individual's aura and physical body. Amy, the practitioner, employs various tools and techniques to facilitate this process while ensuring the safety and well-being of the individual. Here's a detailed explanation of how this practice works:

Energetic Removal: The process begins by identifying and acknowledging the presence of any earthbound spirits or entities attached to the individual's aura or energy field. Amy utilizes her intuitive abilities to sense these attachments and discern their nature.

Energy Healing: Amy utilizes energy healing techniques such as Reiki or other modalities to help loosen the grip of the spirit or entity on the individual's energy field. By channeling healing energy, she creates a supportive environment for the release and removal of attachments.

Spiritual Team Assistance: Amy calls upon her spiritual team, which may include angels, guides, and spiritual warriors, to assist in the removal process. These higher beings provide support, protection, and guidance throughout the session, ensuring a safe and effective removal.


Choice for Earthbound Spirits: Earthbound spirits are offered the choice to move into the light for healing and resolution of their issues. Amy's spiritual team assists these spirits in making the transition, providing them with guidance and support as they move towards higher levels of consciousness.


Amy's spiritual team removes with ease removal of Entities: Entities, which may be of a darker or more malevolent nature,. These entities are gently and firmly guided away from the individual's energy field and returned to their appropriate place in the spiritual realm.


Host Safety and Comfort: Throughout the process, Amy ensures that the host remains calm, safe, and comfortable. Different techniques, such as grounding exercises or guided visualizations, may be employed to help the individual maintain a sense of stability and security during the removal process.

Not all spirit attachments carry negative intentions. Individuals with psychic or mediumistic abilities often attract spirits to their energy field. These spirits may attach themselves to the person seeking comfort, care, or resolution. They believe that by attaching to a host, they can receive assistance in transitioning into the light.

However, some spirits or entities may become threatening, attempting to weaken the will of the host. This can manifest in physical fatigue as they drain the host's energy.





  1. Have you ever experienced trauma in your life? If so, what?

  2. Have you ever experienced abuse, either physical, mental, emotional, sexual, or psychological in your life? If so, what?

  3. Are there time periods in your life that you cannot remember?

  4. Do you feel that you are in full control over your emotions?

  5. Do you feel that you have full control over your thoughts? 

  6. Do you feel you have control over all your actions?

  7. Do you suffer from any chronic illnesses that persist?

  8. Do you experience recurring dreams, nightmares, or sleep issues?

  9. Do you believe your life is cursed or negative, unable to change for the better?

  10. Do you feel yourself to be a victim?

  11. Do you have coping mechanisms that may seem strange to others?

  12. Any substance abuse issues?

  13. Any sexual or reproductive issues?

  14. Do you hate your body?

  15. Do you find pleasure in pain?

  16. Are you often sad or depressed?

  17. Do you suffer from PTSD, ADD, ADHD, or OCD?

  18. Do you purposely disconnect from reality for comfort?

  19. Do you feel disconnected from people you care about?

  20. Do you ever feel like you want to hurt yourself?

  21. Are you suicidal?


(If you responded ‘yes’ to 3 or more questions, may indicate a manifested attachment)



  1. Do you feel you are being watched?

  2. Do you see images inside your mind that maybe disturbing?

  3. Do you hear voices?

  4. Do you hear whispering or sounds you can’t hear clearly?

  5. Are you having nightmares or strange images in your dreams?

  6. Are you experiencing headaches or vision issues?

  7. Any extreme fatigue?

  8. Do you feel heavy or sore in any part of your body?

  9. Stomach pain or digestive issues?

  10. Do you bruise easily or wake up with bruises or scratches?

  11. Do you have any chronic illnesses or pain?

  12. Any physical body changes recently that can’t be explained?

  13. Do you ever feel something moving through your body?

  14. Do you feel pressure or expansion in your body?

  15. Have you had any body twitching or movement that you didn’t control?

  16. Has your personality changed, or habits changed without explanation?

  17. Have you picked up any habits like drinking, drugs, or other addictive behaviors?

  18. Are you becoming distant from people you once enjoyed being around?

  19. Do you feel you’re going crazy?

  20. Do you feel like harming yourself?

  21. Are you suicidal?


(If you answered yes to 3 or more of these questions, you have a possible intelligent attachment) If you answered yes to any questions pertaining to harm and/or suicidal thoughts, please seek out emergency assistance. 




The Process

The step-by-step process

1. Photo Submission: Please send a photo of yourself to for assessment purposes. Ensure to include "Attachment Removal" in the subject line for prompt processing.

2. Initial Consultation: We will conduct all sessions remotely. Upon receiving your email, we'll schedule an introductory session via Zoom or phone call based on your preference. This session will serve as a consultation and evaluation of your energy, attachments, and any wounds requiring clearance.

3. Energy Clearing: Following the consultation, Amy will begin working on your energy field. This comprehensive process includes clearing lower-frequency energies across your seven main chakras, energy bodies, and auric field.

4.Attachment Removal Guidance: Throughout the attachment removal process, Amy will provide guidelines and instructions for at-home care to support your healing journey.

5. Follow-up Spiritual Counseling: After the clearing, there will be a follow-up session for spiritual counseling via phone or zoom. This session aims to restore your energy and provide guidance for maintaining positive energy post-attachment removal.

Continued Support: Amy will remain available for further assistance and to address any questions via email throughout the process.

Understanding Attachment Origins: It's important to note that intelligent attachments, such as ghosts, entities, multidimensional, and ET energy, often attach to individuals through physical, mental, or emotional wounds. Part of the removal process involves clearing these wounds to prevent reattachment.

6. Wound Healing: Wound healing is facilitated through spiritual counseling, which may require additional sessions beyond the initial attachment removal.

The process includes 5 remote sessions - consultation, 3 clearings, wound healing, and a follow up consultation. You only need to meet with Amy for the consultation and follow up consultation. 

Thank you for your cooperation and trust in my services. Your well-being is our priority, and we're dedicated to supporting you through this process.

"Additionally, for those seeking a more personalized approach, Amy offers 30-minute consultation sessions. During these sessions, clients have the opportunity to delve deeper into their symptoms, situation, and specific needs in a confidential and supportive environment. Amy listens attentively to your concerns, providing guidance and insight tailored to your unique circumstances.

These consultations serve as an invaluable opportunity for clients to gain clarity, understanding, and personalized recommendations from Amy based on the topics discussed. Whether you're navigating complex emotions, experiencing spiritual challenges, or seeking guidance on energetic healing, Amy's expertise and compassionate support are here to assist you on your journey towards well-being.

 Together, you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, paving the way for positive transformation and healing."

Spirit Attachment Removal
1 hr

In-person Attachment Removal

Experience a transformative energy clearing session with Amy Major. She offers an in-person attachment removal service, where she will travel to your location to clear you of any attachments. Additionally, Amy will clear your home of residual energy and portals while shielding it from any future negative energy.

An in-person appointment must be scheduled with Amy Major directly through her email: 

The full price for travel, services, and expenses is $1800 - Continental USA price only.  Major cities and any travel outside the continental US will be subject to extra travel expenses. All rates will be reasonable according to fees and fairs pertaining to the location of the client. 

Expect Amy to stay 2 days for the services. Attachment removal is the first day, with home clearing &shielding services the second day. 

Release to Light

Amy Major's newest book on attachment removal. In this step-by-step guide, Amy teaches you the necessary techniques to remove unwanted attachments from yourself and others. 


AMY MAJOR - Psychic Medium
"The Rescue Medium"

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