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Attachment Removal & Energy Clearing

Spirit /Entity Attachment removal is a safe practice of energetically removing earthbound spirits or entities from the aura and physical body of the host. Amy uses tools such as smudging, crystals, sound vibrations and energy healing techniques to help loosen the grip of the spirit/entity, while allowing her spiritual team of angels, guides and warriors to remove the attachments. Earthbound spirits will be offered the choice to move into the light for healing or removed to a holding area for guidance from their personal guides. Entities will be removed with ease with the help of her spiritual team. Different techniques are used to allow the host to remain calm and safe.


Those suffering from spirit or entity attachments can feel symptoms such as:

* Fatigue




*Behavioral changes

*Physical scratches, bruises or blemishes


*Energy attacks

*Hearing voices

*Seeing apparitions in their mind

*Feeling threatened

*And so on. 

Not all spirit attachments are negative. Quite often, those with psychic or mediumistic ability attract spirits to their energy. These spirits might attach to the person for reasons of comfort, care and resolution. They believe by attaching onto a host, they can receive help to move them into the light. 

Those spirits or entities that become threatening do so because they are trying to break down the 'will' of the host. Physical fatigue is very common as they drain you of your energy. 



The Process

All remote spirit attachment removals must be accompanied by a photo. All photos must be sent to Amy at her email Please list in the subject line, "Attachment Removal"


All sessions will be completed at a distance.   We will start with a Zoom or phone call (please choose preference in registration). We will meet for a consultation and evaluation of your energy, attachments, and wounds that are in need of clearing. Once the consultation is complete, I will then work on your energy. In this process I will go through all of your 7 main chakras, energy bodies, and auric field to clear all lower frequency energy away.  I will provide guidelines and instructions for at home care while I perform the attachment removal at a distance.  After the clearing, we will talk by phone or zoom for a spiritual counseling session to help restore your energy and provide you post attachment removal guidance to help maintain your positive energy. I will remain in contact with you via email so that you can receive assistance for any questions you have about the process. 

Please note: Intelligent attachments such as ghosts, entities, multidimensional, and ET energy attach to you through wounds either physical, mental, or emotional. They use your weaknesses to gain control over you. Part of the process of attachment removal is to help you clear some of these wounds so that these entities cannot anchor into them again. The wound healing is completed through spiritual counseling and may need extra sessions to remove these wounds.  My spiritual counseling sessions can be found here: Spiritual Counseling. 

* Please note, if you'd like more of a personal consultation, Amy provides 30-minute sessions for clients to discuss their symptoms, situation, and needs. Amy will then make a recommendation based on topics discussed. 

Spirit Attachment Removal
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