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Readings with Amy Major

Connect to the spirit world and receive guidance.

Amy Major will raise her vibration to link with your guides, angels or family members to receive guidance for you regarding your life. Channeled messages will be received from spirit and given to the recipient at the time of the appointment. Sessions begin with a connection to spirit. Amy will, do her best to describe the guides stepping in. She will then proceed with the spirit messages to the client. Questions for guides may be asked toward the end of the session. 

Ways to prepare for this session include:

1. Come with an open mind and be ready to receive.
2. Be prepared for inspired messages that help you with your life purpose.
3. Don't have any judgement or expectation as to what will come through for you. 
4. Understand that your guides know everything and will give you exactly what you need to hear. 
5. Be thankful and appreciate their help and support. 

Channeled messages are from spirit and will be viewed as advice only. Your guides will never tell you what to do. Spirit guides do not go over personal issues such as finances, relationships, and physical problems. They will, however, tell you if you're experiencing a karmic relationship, contract you agreed to, or lessons they hope you will learn. 

Amy can also link into your family's energy in the spirit world and bring forward a loved-one from spirit. There, your family member may give advice and suggestions. 

Channeled messages come directly from source. Amy usually does not remember the information coming through after the session, so sessions will be recorded. All recordings will be sent directly to the client booking the appointment. Recordings must be saved on your home device as it is only saved on Amy's cloud for 2 weeks post appointment. 

Amy's channeled message sessions are limited to 1 hour session times only. 

Amy is now incorporating psychic/intuitive insights into your reading. Amy can look into past, present, and possible future in your linear timeline. 

AMY MAJOR - Psychic Medium
"The Rescue Medium"

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