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The Hall of Records

Below is a recorded session from one of Amy's Spiritual Development classes. She is now sharing her guided mediations with all of you.


The Hall of Records or what some call The Akashic Record Hall, is a place in the astral realm where you can have access to all the knowledge of your soul, higher self, and spiritual journey. 

Join Amy as she helps you raise your frequency into this astral space where you access the Hall of Records. From there, she will guide you to the book of your soul, where you can access information about your purpose, mission, and history of incarnations. 

The Hall of Records is a visual meditation that can be performed as often as you wish. Feel free to explore the Hall of Records in future detail as you learn to expand your consciousness in the astral realm. 


To prepare: 

Find a quiet place to sit and relax for about 30 minutes so you can fully enjoy this journey. Restrict any distractions like children or pets that may take your attention away. 

Wear comfortable clothing, and make sure you have something to drink nearby. 

Try not to perform the mediation while tired. Students have been known to fall asleep. 

Wearing headphones is not necessary, but allowed if you feel comfortable. 

Begin each mediation with a prayer to your guides, angels, and ancestors so that they may support, heal, and guide you in your mediation.

As a suggestion-have a pen and paper nearby to write down any notes after the mediation. You'll want to remember what information comes through before your mind wanders back to the physical dimension. 

The Hall of Records

The Hall of Records

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