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Energy Shield

With all the energy moving around the World today, we need to be better equipped to deal with the frequencies emitted from this energy. Circumstances such as the virus circulating through the globe creates negative energy from fear, panic, worry, confusion, grief and loss. It's hard enough to bare the hardships of seeing the impact of the virus and what it is doing to people, our society and our economy. The last thing we wish to endure is the negative energy impact from it all as well. Many great master spiritual teachers have taught us in the past that it isn't what happens to you that creates the negativity, it's how you perceive and receive it. You can't control what happens to you, you can only control how you react to it. We can't change the circumstances around the virus, but we can change how we respond to it. Fear and anxiety, in my opinion, only make matters worse. How can we ever move forward if we are stuck in a state of panic?

Now more than ever, our will is being tested to see where we will allow this negative energy to take us. Will we allow this situation to consume us to the point of submission, or will we allow this to change our perspective of our lives so that we can create a positive change in the World?

If you're like me, you'd like to see the positive change. But how can we move into this new positive change in the world? The first step is taken by you, the experiencer. How you think, act, and perceive the world will emanate an energy around you that will influence the energy of other people nearby. Negative energy grows like a weed, positive energy blooms like a flower. This flower power is what you need to give to the world, and others will follow to create a garden of possibility. But how can you stay positive when all the energy around the world is so negative and affecting you so deeply? This is where we need to protect and shield our energy, so that we do not become affected by the impact of the created negative influences of this pandemic. Once we are protected and shielded, we can then start creating a more positive energy flow within ourselves to send out to the world. Its been said that if 1% of the world's population meditates on a positive intention, that intention manifests at a greater and stronger frequency. If we all start sending out energy of positive change, then imagine what we can accomplish by this new manifested energy.

Before you begin to think of sending energy out into the world, you must first ground your fear and worry to dissipate those feelings. Think of all the negative energy around you that you are taking in. How is it impacting your mood, emotions, mental reasoning, and social behavior? You absorb energy like a sponge. Whichever energy you decide to affect you becomes part of you. There comes a point at which you say, "I've had enough", and look to change your frequency for more balance in your life. We can only take so much for so long before we start fighting back. This is the way Natural Law creates balance and harmony. Negative and positive energy must be balanced. This isn't to say we need to think negative thoughts along with positive thoughts to stay balanced. It just means the flow of energy, both positive and negative, will have its ebb and flow in a natural state to create balance.

The first step in grounding our energy is to breathe. Breathing is the most important tool we can use to center our energy and bring us back into a state of calm. Take a few deep breaths and concentrate on lowering your anxiety. Feel your energy pull back into your body with each breath that you take. As you breathe in, imagine breathing in white or golden light into your body. As you exhale, imagine all energy that does not serve you for your highest and best to be pushed out. This is stating an intention of shifting your energy to a higher frequency. Do this for a while until you feel more relaxed. As you begin to feel more calm and centered, I want you to imagine yourself as a tree. Your torso and legs are your trunk as your head and arms are the branches. We all have a connection to the Earth as our bodies are from the Earth. We need to root and ground our energy back into the Earth to stabilize ourselves back to balance with Natural Law. Now imagine roots coming out of your feet, diving deep into the Earth through many layers of soil, sediment, rocks and water. Go way down into the Earth until you find a comfortable stopping point. Not everyone wants to go all the way to the mantle, but you're welcome to go all the way down to pull up power from this source. Just as long as you are rooted far enough down until you feel the heartbeat of the Earth in the roots. Bring this heartbeat back up to your truck and your branches. Feel the strength and healing from the Earth within your body. Always remember to keep breathing as this helps direct the flow of the Earth's energy throughout your body.

As you ground yourself, you might feel strong emotions of sadness, fear and hopelessness come over you. This is normal, as the grounding effect connects in to both your consciousness and subconsciousness. Your subconsciousness is where you store your fear and worry. In order to ground your energy, you must allow these emotions to come to the surface so that you can release them. Give yourself a few moments of contemplation as you breathe in this grounding energy. Think about what you want to release. What needs to be released so that you can find balance in your heart and mind?

As this energy comes to the surface, visualize this floating off of you like steam or viscous energy. State the intention for this energy to release to the universe, away from you. Ask that this energy be sent to the universe so that the universe may use it for it's highest and best.

Allow yourself time for this shift of energy. As you come near the end of this shift, you will feel more grounded, stable and secure in your state of mind and emotions. Now is the time to shield so that we no longer take in any additional negative energy.

Bubbles or force field analogies have been used many times in the past as they create the best visualization for this manifested protective shield. The protective shield is nothing more than a manifested (self created) energy border around your aura to shield and protect you from any unwanted energy from outside sources. However you want to visualize this shield is up to you. Bubbles, eggs, cocoons, force fields, mirrors, or any other visualization is just fine as long as you're setting the right frequency and intention. I like to use a bubble for example. This bubble carries layers within it that hold my intention. To set my intention, I think about what I want. Do I want a high frequency, do I want a powerful protective frequency, or do I want to just push everything away until I feel more stable? All of these frequencies and intentions can be created by your mind. The best visual that provokes this manifested energy is color. We use color to express our thoughts and emotions as each color carries a unique frequency that mimics the frequency we are feeling through the thought and emotion.

I like to use colors to uplift my energy such as peach, pink, yellow, or gold. I keep this energy very close to my body so that I can feel the effects of this empowerment. Other colors such as red, deep blue, silver, or purple can be used more for protection. I keep these colors toward the outside of my bubble to push away negative influences. Use whichever colors feel right for you.

To start your shield, just imagine a bubble forming around your body. This bubble will expand out around you. Most people will have a bubble expand out about a foot from their body. Others that already have a high frequency and spiritual connection to their shield will have it extend out to fill an entire room. For most people just starting out, any shield formed extending about a foot away is just fine. Think of a color you would like your shield to be. How does that color make you feel? What does that color do for you? Set an intention in that color for positive energy to circulate around you. Now form a crust around this color. This crust should be a color of protection. Which protection color comes to mind? Allow the color to show itself to you as you visualize it forming. You might be surprised in the color. Remember the color is connecting to not only your body, but also your soul. It's going to reflect the color that works best with both. As this new color surrounds your inner color, set the intention of protection. You now have a strong energy shield. As you exercise this energy shield daily, you will find it gets easier and easier; shortening the amount of time it takes to form the shield. Over time, the shield will form automatically just by quickly setting the intention to shield.

You will find with this shield up, you will be less influenced by the negative energy surrounding you. This is where you can now start sending energy out to the world. Thoughts move like waves of energy. Send thoughts to the world of peace, safety and positive change. As more people feel these waves of energy, they will be inspired to create the change. We have more power in this world than we think. We only need to believe. Its the domino effect that builds the creation. What you believe you perceive. What you perceive your create. What you create will emanate and through this emanation a new reality will emerge. It all starts with you. Just remember the energy formula for positive change. Ground + shield + intention = change

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