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A Daily Clearing

Many people from all over the world come to me for advice regarding negative energy. Most people sense a sudden change or alter to their own energy, which has them worried or concerned that something malice might be going on. The truth is, we are like sponges, gradually taking in everyone else's energy all the time. Everyone you talk to, everywhere you go, everything you do, has some type of energy exchange between you and something outside of you. In this exchange, you hold onto residual energy of the person, place or thing you encountered. Think of it like picking up little bits of dust everywhere you go. After time, that dust will start to get rather heavy, alerting to you that you're holding onto more than you need to. The easy solution to any energy problem is in a nice quick daily clearing.

But how do I do this? Great question! The answer lies in how long its been since you've done an energy clearing on yourself. If you're more conscious about your own energy and do weekly clearings, than a once a day quick cleanse will do the trick. If you're just getting used to the idea that you are energy and have never cleared yourself before, than you're going to need a deeper clearing that gets through the multiple layers of your energy centers. Just like a cake, your energy has layers. A quick clearing won't clear everything out, but it will help jumpstart you in the right direction of positive energy.

To start with a quick clearing, the first thing you need to do is sense your energy. Go over to a space where you are close to a door or window. Stand with your feet on the ground, hands to your side, and breathe in and out a few times. Stand and think about yourself as energy. How does your energy feel? Where on your body does it feel heavy? This is the area I want you to concentrate on. Now sense, feel or imagine this heavy energy moving out of the spot where it feels the heaviest, and direct the energy flow out. All you need is a little visualization! Energy flows, where thought goes. Visualize this heavy energy moving out of your body, up through your head. Once it's out of your body, let it go out the window or door and send it back to the Universe to be used for the highest and best for the Universe. Start to feel lighter and lighter and you continue to visualize this dense energy moving out of your body and out through your head, back to the Universe.

Don't forget to dust yourself off. Energy could have lingered in your auric field during the clearing, so just imagine clearing your aura off like your dusting a statue.

Smudging or lighting some incense after will help clear any residual energy in your space after the clearing. If you can, open up some windows and allow the sunlight in. This is a great way to lighten the energy in your home.

Now that we've eliminated this energy, we should replace it with something nice to help feed into positive energy. Again, all this takes is a quick visualization. Start by thinking of one thing that makes your heart full of joy. Feel that joy right in the center of your chest. Now spread that feeling of joy throughout your entire body, filling all of you with this high frequency feeling. This will fill all the gaps, holes or cracks in your energy that the lower energy may have created. Well done! You've cleared your own energy.

Once you get the hang of the visualization, you can do the clearing and filling of joy all within minutes! Try to make this part of your everyday routine and you won't have to worry about energy building up over time.

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