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Connect to Your Guide

Connecting to guides

Spirit guides are like mentors, teachers, protectors, and healers on the 'other side' that oversee everything that happens to you in your life. Guides can view our life from a higher perspective and provide a deeper insight to your life. They come in with love and support and hope that you'll hear their messages from your heart. 

Certain scenarios that will benefit from connecting to your guides:

* Life insight

* Understand your life path

* Getting over fears, blocks, and obstacles

* Understanding your karmic relationships

* Receiving guidance on new jobs, relationships, or moving

* Understanding more in regard to your soul's evolution and transformation

* Help overcoming trauma or grief

* Advice on life changes and decisions

* Spiritual enlightenment 

* Instruction on your spiritual development

* Answers to your deepest life questions

Who can benefit from this type of reading??

* Those seeking spiritual enlightenment

* Those needing life guidance

* Those who need confirmation about what they are already receiving from their guides.

* Those needing support and understanding about life challenges

Sometimes family and mentors will come in to provide a message during the session. Their help and higher knowledge can help us regarding major life changes. 

How Amy conducts the session:

Amy will link in with your guides to get a description of whom she is talking to, so you know who your guide is. She will then channel guidance from your spirit guides and angels to you. Your guides know what you need to hear, rather than what you want to hear. After your guides have given information to you, the reading is opened up to questions you have for your guides. Please note that guides are not fortune tellers. They won't tell you what to do or what is about to happen. They discuss deeper, more meaningful subjects such as life purpose, what to accomplish, how to move through change and challenge, and what you chose to learn in this lifetime. 

At this time, Amy is only connecting to spirit guides and angels. Please do not book an appointment if you only want to talk to loved ones that have passed on. Amy's unique channel has attuned to the vibrational level of spirit guides, above the vibrational level of family members. Only higher guidance will be given at this time. 

Amy will be offering messages from spirit guides on a limited basis going forward as she is working on several projects including classes, certification programs, books, podcast, and more. Thank you for your patience. 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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