Psychic & Spiritual Readings with Amy Major

Amy Major has been an intuitive reader, medium and channel for over 20 years. She specializes in connecting to your guides and angels to find out details about your life that will help you overcome obstacles and roadblocks. She can also connect to you intuitively to see past, present and future information about you and your situation. 

Connecting to guides:

Spirit guides are like mentors, teachers, protectors and healers on the 'other side' that oversee everything that happens to you in your life. They know more about you than you know about yourself. They know about why you choose this life, who you're meant to connect with, details of your life contract, challenges meant to be faced and lessons meant to be learned. By connecting to your guides, you can gain a broader insight to your life from a higher perspective. You may learn about how certain details of your life impact your life contract. "why am I here, and what am I meant to do"? 

Family, friends and loved ones on the other side:

Amy can also connect to spirits of loved ones. By explaining details of the spirits, like traits, hobbies, special memories, dates, etc, she can validate the existence of life on the other side. Spirits will come through to provide loving messages. 

Past, present and future:

Amy can link into your timeline and see past , present and future situations. Past lives will often come up if they are connected to this life. By linking the timelines, you can understand the reasons why things happened he way they do. Amy can look into the near future to find out special details to questions you may have. 

All readings are remote. Please list in the booking if it by phone or Zoom chat. Zoom readings are for 1 hour readings only. 30 min readings/healing are done by phone. Thank you!

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