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Medical Intuitive

*Please note: all medical intuitive services are not considered medical care or a replacement of medical care by your health care professional. All medical intuitive services are strictly for entertainment purposes and meant to supplement all medical care you are already receiving. 

Services can be done either in person or remotely. If remote, a picture would need to be sent to Amy for the energetic link to be made.

Amy Major has the ability to read the energy of a person and their physical body intuitively so that medical conditions and/or physical symptoms can be understood and explained. She can connect intuitively into the aliment and condition to see the true nature of its origination and see how it can be healed. Amy can and will also connect to spirit, guides and angels to receive guidance on any health condition for further counsel on treatment. 

Amy's medical intuitive readings are roughly 80% accurate and always require you to follow up with your health care professional. 

Amy also provides energy stimulation through energy healing to help supplement professional care from your health care professional. It's been scientifically proven that with proper high vibration energy stimulation during treatment, patients respond faster and heal better than those only seeking western medicine. 

Energy healing incorporates crystals, sound therapy and aromatherapy to help you feel at ease during your energy healing. 

1 hour session with Amy Major discussing your symptoms and conditions. She will intuitively connect to your energy and find answers to your medical questions.
Medical Intuitive Session
1 hr
Come and enjoy a 30 minute energy clearing and healing as Amy clears all chakras , allowing or negative or lower vibration energy to be removed.
30 Min Chakra Clearing & Healing
30 min
Experience a soothing 1 hour chakra energy clearing and healing as Amy clears lower vibration energy from your energy sources (chakras). Amy incorporates aromatherapy, mu...
1 hour Chakra Healing & Clearing
1 hr