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Tuning your Vibration for Mediumship

Below is a recorded session from one of Amy's Spiritual Development classes. She is now sharing her guided mediations with all of you.


The art of mediumship is heavily influenced by the frequency of our own energy. By attuning your vibration, you can open doors to the spirit world, connecting you to family, friends, and loved ones waiting to speak with you.

Just like you work out at a gym to become stronger, tunning your vibration to the spirit world makes your link stronger and more connected. 

In this guided meditation, Amy will help you charge all your chakras, aura, and energy with the vibration of mediumship, a higher dimensional frequency of the fourth dimension. 

In response, your energy will rise to this higher vibration, pushing you through the veil of the spirit world. 

As a gift of this attunement, you will be visited by a loved one on the meditation that will welcome you open arms to the spirit world and beyond. 

Tuning your Vibration for Mediumship

Tuning your Vibration for Mediumship

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