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Monthly Subscription

For those who would like readings and healings done on a more continual basis, I've created a new subscription service that allows you to receive readings, healing, messages, and educational emails that support you on your journey. 

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Monthly Subscription Service

In this monthly subscription service you will receive:

* A Weekly 3 card tarot card spread emailed to you.

* A monthly 30-minute energy healing video sent to you.

* Your name will be included in my weekly prayer of intention.

* A monthly email sent to you with teachings or suggestions for spiritual growth.

Do you enjoy receiving tarot card messages from me on occasion? Why not receive a short reading every week to let you know what to expect that week? A weekly 3-card tarot spread will be sent to you with a short reading attached. 

Do you enjoy receiving a clearing or healing from me? As we navigate through life, we take on unwanted energy from other people or other objects. This energy can sometimes influence us and make us feel run down. Receive a monthly energy cleanse from me while I channel my guide Broken Feather. Allow his strength of healing to cleanse all your chakras so that you can feel revitalized. Monthly channeled healings are recorded and sent out once a month. 

Every Sunday night I perform a prayer with intention for vitality, healing, love, support, prosperity, and fulfillment. I pray for many people. Once you sign up for the monthly subscription service, you automatically get added to my prayer list. I do not charge for prayer, so this service is included for free.

Do you enjoy receiving information on crystals, energy, spiritual inspiration, information on chakras, or how to attune your frequency to a higher vibration? Then enjoy a monthly subscription where I send you a once-a-month email on spiritual teachings on all things psychic and spiritual. Learn about the many tools we use in the spiritual community to make your life better.  

Normally these services would cost $75 but take opportunity to receive all of these services for just $20 a month!

Take advantage now and register!

AMY MAJOR - Psychic Medium
"The Rescue Medium"

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