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Mon, Oct 16



Rescue Mediumship Certificate Training

5-month intense rescue training

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Rescue Mediumship Certificate Training
Rescue Mediumship Certificate Training

Time & Location

Oct 16, 2023, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM



About the event

5-month certification program

Rescue Mediumship Certification Module Breakdowns

Rescue Mediumship I - Beginner

Week1 1- What is a Rescue Medium?

-Communicate, Counsel & Guide


-Difference in rescue vs spiritual mediumship

-Can you connect to all spirits?

-Why is rescue mediumship needed?

-How to know if it’s right for you

Week 2: Your Spiritual Team

-Who is on your spiritual team?

-Ascended Masters


-Specialized entities

-Teachers and mentors

-Healers and supporters

-Protectors and Guides

-Your guide

-How they communicate with you

-False guides

Week 3- Reading Energy

-How to link in

-Holding the link




-Blending the auras


Week 4-Protection

-Setting intention


-Calling in your team

-Stand in your power

-Triple shield

-Tools for protection

Week 5  Clearing Yourself


-Energy clearing with tools

-Clearing with Earth elements

-Raising vibration through meditation

-Receiving healing

Week 6- Shutting down

-Ways to shut down

-Don’t be afraid to shut down

Rescue Mediumship II - Intermediate

Week 7-Earthbound spirits

--Ghost or spirit-how to tell the difference

-Elements of the soul

-Level 1

-Level 2

-Level 3

Week 8- Forms of Earthbound Spirits




-Shadows/dense energy


-Sparks of light


Week9- Direct Rescue Mediumship

-In the area

-haunted location



-addressing the spirit

-communication styles

The spirit finds you


-Energetic layers



-Helping the spirit transition

-Specialized forms of direct rescue

Week10 -Indirect Rescue Mediumship

-Prayers & Affirmations

-Remote viewing

-Brining in the spirit

-Indirect rescue circle

-Setting up the circle

-Protection of your space

Week 11 -Boundaries

-Setting up a gatekeeper

-Understand your boundaries

-Waiting stone

-Transition portal

-Holding space in-between dimensions

-Sacred space

-Nighttime protection

Week 12: Emotional & Mental conditioning

-How spirits affect you


-Prayers and Affirmations

-Centering and grounding

-Surrounding fear with love

Week 13: Residual energy vs spirit energy

-How residual energy forms

-Time placement imprint

-Different forms of residual energy

-Telling the difference

-Echo effect

Rescue Mediumship III-Advanced

Week 14: Spirit doors and vortexes

-Spiritual doors

-Physical senses from spiritual doors


-Places where spiritual doors may form

-Spiritual doors in mirrors

-Closing spiritual doors


Week 15: Entities

-Demonic entities

-Lower realm angels

-Lower-level elementals

-Energy clusters





-Fragmented Soul-living person

-Manifested entities

-Psychic attack

Week 16-Advanced Protection

-Spiritual Laws

-White Light

-Using color as protection

-High frequency stimulation

-Stripping their layers

-Energy weapons

-Holding area

-Spirit Police

-Archangel Michael’s army

-Calling in divine light

Week 17-Advanced spirit forms

-Hostage situation

-Crisis rescue

-Group rescue

-fragmented souls


Week 18-Cycles and Rhythms

-Moon cycles

-Using season equinox/solstice days as portal stimulation

-Astrological cycles

-Energy flow

-Dates and times

-Witching hour

Wek 19-Layers


-Varied frequencies

-Shifts between dimensions

-Lower dimension

-Astral travel

-Remote viewing

-Earth’s auric field

Week 20-Universal/Spiritual Laws

-Law of Order

-Law of Cause & Effect

-Law of Free-Will

-Law of Karma

-Do’s and Don’ts in the spirit world

-Physical world rules

-Diplomatic approach

-Calling in authorities



-Receiving your badges


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