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Mon, Sep 02


Amy Major - Spirit Rescue Specialist

Fundamentals of Mediumship

6 week development class

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Fundamentals of Mediumship
Fundamentals of Mediumship

Time & Location

Sep 02, 2019, 7:00 PM

Amy Major - Spirit Rescue Specialist, 27 South State Street, Concord, NH, USA

About the event

One day, a long time ago I went into a channel with my spiritual teachers because I had a few questions about my mediumship. For years people have been telling me that I was a natural born medium, not taught. This felt right to me, but I wanted more information from my guides. So...I asked them, "am I a born medium"? and the answer surprised me. They said- "everyone is a medium". "and you were born". The answer wasn't what I expected which is great because it meant I didn't think of the answer myself, rather it came straight from source. So in this new understanding of mediumship, I realized that everyone is a medium and whether the person chooses to believe, receive and enhance their skills was entirely up to them. (It kinda reminded me of the Ratatouille movie.."EVERYONE CAN COOK!." ) Kinda the same concept here.

Once someone is ready to develop their skills, they just need to be given the proper instruction and support from those who already have. Now, I'm a firm believer that everyone develops in their own way because we are all special and unique, but, it's also necessary to help someone understand their gifts, structure a form of training and support them in their development so they aren't alone in this new skill.

My classes are structured to provide the necessary information to help guide you on your mediumship journey. This class is open to all levels from , -I think I'd like to learn more about mediumship to ...I've already done a few readings but would like to learn more. Beginner, intermediate and advanced students are welcome to attend because it's not about just receiving messages, mediumship is so much more! If you haven't been given the fundamentals, then you're only walking half the path of the mediumship life. In this class we will focus on:

Language and vocabulary of spirit

What levels of consciousness you will connect to

Who you can talk to on the other side

How and when spirits talk to you

What spirits do on the other side

Gatekeepers and protection

The many types of spirits you will come in contact with

Building a spirit team

Connecting to your guide and power animal

Connecting to a family member you trust for guidance

Grounding techniques

Meditation techniques

Tools to help in your development

The Clair abilities

Chakra system with mediumship

The different forms of mediumship

How to link in with spirit and hold the link

Sitting in your own power of mediumship

Raising your constant vibration frequency

and more!

My classes are all intense, packed with years of knowledge with tons of information. There's so much to learn. My class will be limited to only 10 students, so register early to make sure you are guaranteed a spot.

Cost is $150 for all 6 weeks.

About Amy:

Amy Major is a trained Psychic, Medium, Rescue Medium, Healer, Teacher, Lecturer and Author.

At a young age she learned she had the ability to communicate with her spiritual and animal guides. Throughout childhood she developed Astral Projection, as well as the ability to see auras and energy surrounding people. In her early 20's, Amy was told by her guides that she was able to communicate with spirits.

Amy has studied and worked at the New Millennium Psychic Center in Derry, NH for many years and became the lead medium in the Psychic Ghostbusters Team which conducted many spirit investigations/rescues.

Amy is highly skilled in her psychic ability and provides psychic tarot card readings and mediumship readings at local Spirit/Psychic fairs.

She is an active member of a Spiritualist Church, The Church of Spiritual Life in Derry, NH, where she has been a member for over 16 years. She routinely provides mediumship readings and gallery readings at the church. Amy is currently teaching Spiritual Development and Intermediate mediumship at her office in Derry, NH.

Amy is a lead Rescue Medium on many spirit investigations and rescues. She conducts workshops and lectures on Spirit Rescue in her area.

Amy's books "Toward the Light, Rescuing Spirits, Trapped Souls and Earthbound Ghosts, and "Light the Way", explain Rescue Mediumship and Spirit Rescue techniques used to help earthbound spirits "cross over".

Amy's been a guest on many well know spiritual and paranormal radio shows such as : Late Night City with Pete Price, Ghost Chronicles,ZTALKRADIO "The Buzz", Matrix of Perception,Bridge Between Two Worlds" Radio Show, Jim Harold Radio show. WarrenXchange Radio, Spirit Talk with Chris Fleming, Coast to Coast AM, Crystal Visions, Stirring the Cauldron on the Para X Radio Network, Strange Secret Universe Blog Talk, Psychic Tapestry, Intuitive Life Network Radio Show, The Janet Love Blog Talk Radio Show, and Over the Rainbow show.


  • Fundamentals of Mediumship




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