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Thu, Apr 01



Energy Protection

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Energy Protection
Energy Protection

Time & Location

Apr 01, 2021, 7:00 PM EDT



About the event

Energy Protection

5-week class

April 1st-29th


In this 5-week course of energy protection, Amy will teach the fundamentals of how energy works within and around your body. Everyone in today’s society is being influenced by the energy of situations, people, circumstances, social behaviors, and negative thought processes. We all take in energy that isn’t for our highest and best which may influence and/or change our energy in such a way that it becomes damaging to our mind, body, and spirit.

Amy will help guide students to better understand their energy centers, auric field, and manifested energy projections. All will help students strengthen and enhance their energy through mindful consciousness of self-protection.

Students will learn through instruction, practice techniques and active visualizations.

Each week we will discuss the five elements of energy self-protection.

Week 1


-Gain knowledge and understand the 3 lower charkas connected to physical matter.

-Explain physical objects that help protect your body from negative energy.

-Grounding techniques to better root your energy into Earth’s energy field.

-Exercises to release lower frequency energy

-Absorbing healing properties from nature.

-Energy clearing and stabilization through the physical plane.

Week 2


-Gain knowledge and understand the mid-level chakras connected to the emotional body.

-Learn how emotions can alter or manifest negative influence around us.

-Understand how negative emotions drain us, bringing our energy into a dense state.

-Learn basic principles of emotional well-being.

-Understand how negative emotions influence our auric filed.

-Emotional energy clearing to bring emotional body back into balance.

Week 3


-Gain knowledge and understand the higher two chakras connected to the mental body.

-Understand and change our thought process through affirmation techniques.

-Learn how our mental state affects our auric field.

-Understand how the mind manifests.

-Bring the mind to a positive mindset through meditation techniques

-Understand how false judgements influence your mental body.

-Mental energy clearing through visualization.

Week 4


-Gain knowledge and understanding of the 7 layers of your auric field.

-Learn about energy cords of connection and how to cut negative ones.

-Learn about energy absorption and energy transfer.

-Energy shielding

-Growing your prana ‘life force’ energy

-Sitting in your power

-Understand energy vampires

-Understand the mathematical principles of ritual and self-protection

-Learn energy projection and intention through colors

-Chakra and auric field clearing

Week 5


-Understand who in the spiritual world works with your energy protection

-Meditation and prayer for spiritual protection

-Understand the 7 layers of the astral world

-Learn how-to call-in help from the spirit world.

-Soul empowerment and self-realization of divine energy.

-Understand spiritual and universal laws of free will.

-How to raise your spiritual frequency,



  • Energy Protection




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