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Rescue Mediumship Workshop  

Saturday & Sunday


January 25th and 26th, 2020

Saturday Workshop

9am-5pm in the Conference Room 

lunch served at noon for a 30 min break

Rescue Mediumship & Spirit energy​


What is spirit rescue?
Mediumship Development vs Rescue Mediumship Development
Levels of consciousness and planes of existence

(levels in-between, physical, astral)
Spiritual helpers on the other-side

(list of guides, angels, family)
Building your spiritual team

(mediation, listening, guidance, asking for signs)
Setting up boundaries and shields

(shielding, crystal grids, space and time to connect)
Spiritual and psychic protection techniques

(prayers, lifting your vibe, shielding, angels, grounding, breathing, staying in control)

3 categories of earthbound spirits
Aspects of the soul and fractured souls
Why spirits remain earthbound
Communication techniques
Counseling techniques
Guidance and Crossing over techniques
Direct Rescue
Indirect Rescue
Indirect Rescue spirit circles
Tools and tricks in the field


Sunday Workshop


Energy Clearing & Attachment Removal

Topics to be discussed:

Spiritual doors and vortexes
Prayers and Affirmations
Residual energy vs spirit energy
Clearing residual energy

The Walk Through

-7 Main Chakras (mind/body/spirit)
-Understanding multiple layers of energy within the auric body.
vibration and frequency (karmic, spirit, physical, emotional, mental)

-Auric protection and chakra protection

-How energy transfers through sound, light, dark, emotion, thought and karmic energy waves. 

-Finding ailments, wounds (past, present and future), and diseases in the body through energy changes, frequency changes and subtle differences in vibration of the body. 

Planes of existence -Celestial plane / mental plane/upper astral plane/middle astral plane/lower astral plane

Working as a channeled healer
* Removing your filters to become a true energy channeler

* Clair abilities in energy clearing

What you'll possibly experience while you clear chakras of others

-Energetic cords

* Learning how to link in to spirit healers, protectors, Masters and energy clearers in the spiritual world. –YOUR SPIRIT TEAM
* Learn how to open and close vortexes for healing-intention: where you are sending the energy to.  

Finding ailments, wounds (past, present and future), and diseases in the body through energy changes, frequency changes and subtle differences in vibration of the body. 

* Energy imprints
* Manifested energy (thought forms)
* Residual energy
* Energy cords


* Manifested thought forms.

*Energy blocks

*Spirit attachments

*Entity attachments

*Multi-dimensional energy attachments

*Past life attachments, either spirits or fragments of the person’s soul can attach

*Family cord attachments

-Where attachments latch on

-Symptoms of an attachment

Clearing your own energy through physical and non-physical techniques.

Free energy clearing by Amy Major

10 minutes sessions

Included if you come to the workshop

Clear all chakras of the body and scan or attachments, imprints, energy cords or lower frequencies in the chakras. 

a sign up sheet will be available at the beginning of the weekend workshop. 


Saturday Rescue Mediumship & Spirit Energy -$150

Sunday Energy Clearing & Attachment Removal -$150

Bulk Discounted rate for :

Saturday & Sunday Workshops

10 minute energy clearing Sunday after the workshop


($60 discount)

Please be clear to choose the right booking for your workshop/events:

Payment plans are available for those who truly need it. 3 payments of $90 will be billed for the Saturday and Sunday workshops. You must sign up for both to receive the payment plan. Do not click on one of the payments below ,rather email Amy at amajor@live.com to ask for the payment plan and to be signed up. Thank you. 

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