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Amy Major is a Metaphysical Minister, Teacher, Published Author, Public Speaker, Healer, and Rescue Medium. Amy shares her gifts of intuition, mediumship and healing internationally through remote sessions via video or phone. Her main purpose is to provide hope and healing to all those in need. Amy's unique abilities in rescue mediumship, which provides healing to spirits in need of healing and transition has paved the way for advancement in the understanding of the spiritual world and our transcendental experience from physical to spiritual.

Release to Light

There is hope in clearing the Burdens of Negativity

Do you feel surrounded by spirits, entities or other negative influences that won’t release their hold on you?
Join the countless
people who have sought the assistance of Amy Major, for support in clearing attachments from themselves, their loved ones, and their homes.
Amy is a specialist in Spirit Rescue, a form of energy work that has the potential to remove negative energy surrounding an individual. With over two decades of experience with clearing energetic attachments, Amy is now sharing her knowledge with the world. After several years of teaching ’The Major Method of Attachment Removal’ to select students, Amy is expanding her audience by sharing her expertise with the public in a step-by-step process with the release of her latest book “Release to Light”. This book aims to empower others and ensure that anyone can have the tools necessary to identify, clear, protect and guard against negative energy safely.

New Class- Spirit Rescue Certification Course



Train directly with Amy Major

Guided Meditation

Take a Class

Join a group online class taught by Amy Major


October Special
1 Hour Tarot Card Reading

Enjoy the spooky Halloween season with a Tarot reading!

Spiritual Connections

These listed meditations can help you connect to your spirit guides, higher self, ancestors in the spirit world, and your inner guidance from your soul.


The Hall of Records

The Hall of Records meditation takes you on a journey into the astral realm to see the book of your soul.


The Great Cleanse

In this detailed meditation, release negative energy and renew with positive intentions. 

Don't forget to make a wish!

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The Crystal Pyramid

Step into the crystal pyramid as it clears, charges, and enhances your energy.


Let Go of Spiritual Blocks

Through the doorways, you will see blocks that need releasing. Allow Amy to help you release old patterns.


Tuning your Vibration to Mediumship

Allow Amy to help you raise your vibration into the spirit world.


Mini Life Reivew

Step energetically into a mini life review as you analyze how far you've come, and what is still needed to be completed.

Chakra Clearing and Healing Meditations

These listed mediations can help you connect to 7 main chakras to clear, balance, and reprogram them. 


Root Chakra Clearing

Now available

Root Chakra clearing and healing.


Heart Chakra Clearing

Now available

Heart Chakra clearing and healing.


Sacral Chakra Clearing

Now available

Sacral Chakra clearing and healing.


Throat Chakra Clearing

Now available

Throat Chakra clearing and healing.


Solar Plexus Clearing

Now available

Solar Plexus Chakra clearing and healing.


Third Eye Clearing

Now available

Third eye Chakra clearing and healing.


Crown Clearing

Crown Chakra clearing and healing.

Now available